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Dental Crowns

Pain from teeth compromised by physical trauma or severe decay can make simple tasks like eating and speaking difficult.

The caring dentists at Harrison Dental Group in Fort Wayne, IN, can repair and protect a weakened tooth with a durable dental crown.

Learn how our doctors can restore your smile with a dental crown using the latest technological advancements in modern dentistry...

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Brigitte O'Connell


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Close to home, comfortable environment, and friendly staff. These guys take great care of my family. Thanks Harrison dental!

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Sandie Ruiz


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Everyone here is nice, friendly , professional and attentive. They answer any questions, and address any concerns. Even during this pandemic, they have been able to help with any dental concerns. I highly recommend them.

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What Is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is a restoration used to protect a broken tooth following trauma or decay, to improve the appearance of a tooth, or to replace a lost tooth when used in conjunction with an implant.

Your tooth will be reshaped to make room for the custom crown to be placed over and then secured with dental cement.

Restore a Weakened Tooth with a Durable Crown Benefits of a Dental Crown

Our dentists can help you avoid more costly treatments in the future by reinforcing a tooth with a dental crown. We can also treat a single missing tooth with a dental implant-supported crown. The benefits a crown provides include:

Repair and Protection

Commonly placed over a tooth following a root canal or to repair a broken tooth, a crown protects a tooth from further damage. There is no substitute for your natural teeth. With prompt treatment with a crown, you can avoid the need for extraction.

Longterm Solution

The medical-grade dental porcelain used to craft your custom crown is engineered to withstand years of normal biting forces. With proper care and regular checkups with our Fort Wayne, IN, dentists, a crown from Harrison Dental Group can provide you with a decade of durable service.

Virtually Invisible Results

Harrison Dental Group works with dental labs that have been vetted for providing only the highest quality restorations. The porcelain that is used to create your crown is not only remarkably strong but is designed to mimic the light-reflecting properties of natural tooth enamel so you can enjoy a restoration that blends seamlessly with your surrounding teeth.

Cedric's Story

Cedric had some anxiety about visiting the dentist, so his wife recommended Harrison Dental Group. Cedric's experience was pain-free and positive, and he was relaxed by Dr. Keith J. Harrison's chairside manner and the team's stellar customer service. Thanks to his crown and bridgework, Cedric can smile confidently.

Schedule an Appointment Today We Can Give You Something to Smile About

If you are worried that you might need a crown to take care of a bad tooth, the compassionate team of dental professionals at Harrison Dental Group in Fort Wayne, IN, will make every effort to put your anxiety at ease. Using advanced tools and innovative techniques, our dentists can repair and protect a compromised tooth with a dental crown. If you are missing a single tooth, we can also fill the gap in your smile and restore your oral health with a crown supported by a dental implant. Whatever your dental needs, our doctors can develop an individualized treatment plan to provide you with relief from dental discomfort and a beautiful smile.

To learn more or to schedule a visit to one of our offices serving Fort Wayne, IN, contact us online or call:

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Habla Espanol


Harrison Dental Group strives to provide a high level of customer care to all our patients. Our staff includes bilingual employees who can assist Spanish speakers throughout their dentistry procedures.

We Truly Care About Our Patients More 5-Star Google Reviews


Joy Ensh


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Harrison Dental is amazing, Dr Keith, & Maria gave me back my smile and there was NO PAIN..Dr Keith is comforting, so very knowledgable, and caring, so is Ms Maria...they continually made sure I was alright during my procedure,which made me relax....the rest of the staff is so wonderful too, specially Pam..she knows her stuff and is very much a ppl person...enjoy our conversations..give the Harrison Dental group a call if you are debating where to go for dental care, you will not be sorry..just do it...

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Carla Mohamedali


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Harrison Dental Group deserves more than "5 Stars"!!!! Dr. Orman, Assistant Maria, Assistant Kim and Dental Hygienist Rene are top of the line in their field. My daughter is on the autism spectrum and they were fantastic with her! From cleaning her teeth to filling her cavities, they were AMAZING! They treated her with kindness and compassion and worked hard to get the job done. It was nothing short of a miracle watching them work on her teeth. We are so fortunate to have Dr. Orman take care of our daughter's dental needs. Great job Harrison Dental Group!!!!

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How Are Dental Crowns Placed?

The process of preparing a tooth to accept a crown requires shaping the enamel so that your permanent restoration will blend in with your surrounding teeth.

Dental Crown Treatment Timeline

Your crown will be tailor-made to blend in with your surrounding teeth.
Your crown will be tailor-made to blend in with your surrounding teeth.

Initial Exam

One of our highly-skilled dentists will inspect your teeth to determine the best treatment method to address your individual needs.


Any teeth in need of attention will undergo treatment before being prepared to accept a temporary crown. For a decayed tooth, this generally means a root canal.

Digital Impressions

Using the iTero digital wand, our dentist will take a detailed scan of your teeth to ensure the best possible fit for your new crown.

Temporary Crown Placed

We will supply our dental lab with the digital information needed to create your crown. A temporary crown will be placed while your permanent restoration is being fabricated.

Final Restoration

Once completed, our dentist will place your final porcelain dental crown. Final adjustments will be made to achieve a perfect fit. Once you and your dentist are satisfied, your dental crown will be secured in place with an incredibly strong adhesive.

Restored Form and Function

A permanent dental crown will function, look, and feel just like your natural teeth. Your restored tooth will blend in with your surrounding teeth and will be nearly indistinguishable when you share your smile.

Ready to Restore Your Dental Health? Request a Consultation

Dr. David Harrison has over 30 years of dental experience. He has built a team that is equally as motivated, knowledgeable, and passionate about dentistry as he is.

We understand that the dentist's office can be intimidating, so we aim to make visiting our dentistry locations an inviting experience. We make the process of treating any oral health problem comfortable and familiar by doing almost all procedures in-house at our offices in Fort Wayne, IN. For dental care that combines high-tech dentistry with a high level of customer service, call our practice to request a consultation:

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"Every single staff member made me feel welcome" More 5-Star Reviews From Fort Wayne, IN, Patients


trace withrow


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So as a recovering addict that has never paid attention to teeth and basically let then go to waste, I'm will say this, Harrison Dental. You all have made me fee the most comfortable being a patient and working with me for every need I have. I have always had a terror for dentist, so walking in there I had hesitation. Not no more. EVER SINGLE staff member made me feel welcome and listen to every need I had! I'm still working on my teeth recovery because well there's alot. BUT I would 10/10 recommend them! They are so welcoming to everyone that comes ! Thank you guys!!

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I received the upmost dental care from the Harrison Dental Group on Maplecrest today. I been delaying going to the dentist, doing so contribute to tooth decay and other oral issues. The dental team there made me feel comfortable and at ease with sharing any serious dental issues. The dentist explained how dry mouth could be the culprit behind my tooth decay and cavities. My anxiety made it impossible for me to go to the dentist in the the past. Today I found out that creating a good relationship with my dentist and her team can help me reduce my anxiety, build a long trusting relationship and control all those anxious emotions by being informed.

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How to Protect Your New Dental Crown

Now that your temporary crown has been replaced with a permanent crown, you don't want to do anything to compromise the protection it offers. Our crowns are crafted with medical-grade dental porcelain engineered to withstand years of biting forces, but just like your natural tooth, your crown is not indestructible. Keep up these good habits to maintain the durability of your crown:

Take Caution When Eating

Very hard or sticky foods can damage or dislodge a dental crown. Patients can eat and drink virtually anything with a crown but should still be cautious while consuming certain foods, like caramel or taffy.

Continue to Practice Good Dental Hygiene

You can care for your new dental crown just like you care for your natural teeth. Continue to brush your teeth and floss every day to avoid plaque buildup and potential cavities. 

Avoid Abrasive Toothpaste

Since your dental crown is not made with natural enamel, it can be susceptible to erosion from abrasive toothpaste. Choose non-abrasive toothpastes to keep your crown looking shiny and new.

Avoid Bad Habits

Certain bad habits, like biting your nails or opening items with your teeth, can compromise your porcelain crown. If you grind your teeth at night, wear a nightguard to avoid breaking the crown.

Regular Dental Visits

Continue to visit our Fort Wayne, IN, dentists for biannual dental exams. During a regular cleaning, your dentist can make sure the existing crown is holding up and that no new dental concerns have arisen.

Affordable Dental Care
Insurance Accepted and Flexible Financing Available

Every treatment plan we develop at Harrison Dental Group takes into account your budget so that you can afford the treatment you need. Our doctors will review all of your treatment options before moving forward with your procedure so that you can make an educated decision towards your care. To minimize your out-of-pocket expenses, we accept most forms of dental insurance. Our office staff will gladly file all the necessary paperwork with your provider so that you can take full advantage of your benefits.

If you do not have dental insurance, we provide financing options through CareCredit and Citi Health Card. These services allow you to pay for your treatment with an affordable payment plan that fits your budget. For patients that qualify, payment plans include options that offer up to 24 months of interest-free financing. Longer-term plans for up to up to 60 months are available. We will happily answer any financing questions you have during your next visit to our office.

"Very friendly and professional" More 5-Star Reviews From Fort Wayne, IN, Patients


Justin Chambers


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Non-judgmental and understanding. Very friendly and professional. I came in for an emergency and am new to the area, took care of me and answered all my questions. Gave me all my options with no pressure. Both the dentist and all the staff are excellent.

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Wes Whitman


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Appointment made and achieved in same day, was completely shocked being a new patient! Highly recommend, great experience, friendly knowledgeable staff, glad to have found a new practice for myself and family!

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