Sleep Apnea Treatment for Better Rest, Improved Health

Do you feel like you never get the rest you need at night? You may be one of the 22 million people around the country struggling with sleep apnea. Caused by a regular interruption of breathing during sleep, this common condition leaves you at higher risk of falling asleep while driving, decreased cognitive reactions, and other social and health-related problems.

However, sleep apnea does not need to control your sleeping or waking hours. From their modern, comfortable offices in the Fort Wayne, IN, area, Drs. David K. Harrison, Keith J. Harrison, and Bradford Korn can offer dental patients advanced sleep apnea treatment options.

Simple, Comfortable Sleep Apnea Treatment

Sleep apnea means more than just heavy snoring. The condition involves breathing interruptions that can negatively affect your general health. The dentists at Harrison Dental Group can create a custom oral appliance worn during sleep that improves your ability to breathe easy through the night.

Understanding Sleep Apnea 

While several different kinds of sleep apnea exist, obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is the one most frequently diagnosed. Patients suffering from OSA experience blockage in their air passage during the night, usually caused by excess soft tissue or an overly large tongue.

When wearing a sleep apnea nightguard, however, patients report significantly fewer OSA episodes. As a consequence, they wake up feeling more refreshed. 

In certain cases, lifestyle changes can minimize the effects of sleep apnea.

How Sleep Apnea Is Diagnosed

If Drs. Harrison and Korn suspect that you have sleep apnea, they will ask that you get a diagnosis from a specialist before prescribing treatment. All diagnoses are obtained with input from both the dentist and a trained sleep apnea specialist. Patients may be asked to bring home a device to measure their bouts of interrupted sleep, or they may be asked to undergo an overnight study at a local sleep center.

Once the condition has been officially diagnosed, patients can then work with the dentist and doctor to work toward overall improvement. 

Oral appliance for sleep apnea therapy
A sleep apnea appliance is designed to hold air passage open throughout the night. 

Long-Term Treatment

A sleep apnea appliance keeps the airway open and free during the night so that you do not have to worry about blockages while you sleep. In order to ensure your comfort, we customize your appliance with impressions of your mouth.

In certain cases, lifestyle changes can minimize the effects of sleep apnea, as well. Many patients find that maintaining better sleeping habits and arrangements can help substantially, especially when paired with an appliance. Losing weight can sometimes alleviate more severe cases of sleep apnea, as well. 

Benefits of Treatment

A sleep apnea appliance can immediately change the way a patient feels upon waking after rest. The most notable benefits include:

  • Meeting appropriate levels of sleep: Adults should get between seven and nine hours of sleep each night. A sleep apnea appliance can allow them to meet this recommendation.
  • Avoiding a CPAP machine: In some cases, a sleep apnea oral appliance can take the place of a CPAP machine. Speak with Drs. Harrison and Korn to find out which type of sleep apnea treatment is best-suited for your situation.
  • Ability to travel with the device: A sleep apnea appliance is very small and discreet. Unlike a CPAP machine, this appliance is meant to be extremely portable.

Consider Sleep Apnea Treatment

If you know that you snore loudly every night, you owe it to yourself to determine whether sleep apnea is affecting your sleep. Together, you and your dentist will explore the best sleep apnea solutions if you discover you have OSA. Our team can also help you explore the best financial solutions to pay for your oral sleep apnea appliance.

Call (260) 747-4747 or (260) 432-3588 to arrange a visit to discuss your potential sleep apnea condition or contact us online.

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