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Sedation Dentistry

Have you put off necessary dental work because of fear or anxiety?

Sedation dentistry can help you achieve a relaxed, calm state so you can comfortably undergo dental treatment.

Dr. David K. Harrison and his team offer various sedation methods to help Fort Wayne, IN, patients have anxiety-free dentist appointments.

Think You Can Benefit From Sedation Dentistry? Request a Consultation

According to studies, dental anxiety affects 36% of the population. You aren't alone in your dental fears. Sedation can help you rise against your anxiety and gain access to crucial oral care.

Dr. Harrison has over 30 years of dental care experience and aims to make his dentistry practice accessible and inviting to all. Our sedation dentistry can help you improve your oral health in a comfortable and relaxing way. Patients from all over Fort Wayne, IN, choose Harrison Dental Group for a high-quality, accessible dental experience. Call to request a free consultation at: 


"The team did an excellent job and I’m an anxious dental patient"


Wes Whitman


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Appointment made and achieved in same day, was completely shocked being a new patient! Highly recommend, great experience, friendly knowledgeable staff, glad to have found a new practice for myself and family!

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Reb Baldwin


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The team did an excellent job and I’m an anxious dental patient I had a very compromised molar (it’s gone now) and one day later I’m not swollen and no pain, thank you Dr. “Evan”!!! You and your associates are thorough and patient

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We Can Help With Dental Anxiety

If you experience dental anxiety, Harrison Dental Care offers different sedation dentistry options to help you relax. We can use nitrous oxide (laughing gas), oral sedation, and local anesthetic to minimize pain and discomfort. Our dentists will review your medical and dental history to develop the right solution for you.

Our Treatment Options

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is delivered through a mask placed over the patient's nose. Once the flow of nitrous oxide begins, effects set in within minutes. Laughing gas slows down your nervous system to help you feel relaxed. Patients may feel a tingling sensation or feel light-headed. A significant benefit to nitrous oxide is that the effects set in quickly and wear off quickly, allowing the patient to drive themselves home.

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation comes in pill form. This type of sedation can help patients feel drowsy, at ease, and sometimes euphoric. Since oral sedation isn't fast-acting like nitrous oxide, patients will need to take the pill before their dentist appointment. A ride to and from our Fort Wayne offices is required since effects may take over an hour to wear off after the procedure has ended.

Local Anesthetic

A local anesthetic is not a form of sedation itself, but pairs with your chosen sedation method. Local anesthetic numbs the area of your mouth where the dentist will perform treatment. Sedation helps calm the patient's nerves and brings them to a deep state of relaxation, but it doesn't numb pain. Pairing the local anesthetic with sedation ensures a relaxing and pain-free dental experience.

What to Expect During Your Appointment

Anxious dental patients may avoid much-needed treatment due to high fear of the dentist. However, ignoring pain or any other sign of a problem can be a more severe and costly issue.

Explore Options​ With a Free Consultation

Think sedation dentistry can help you? Join us at one of our Fort Wayne, IN, dentistry offices to discuss your options and see which form of treatment is suitable for you. We offer free consultations, so don't hesitate to come in if you have any questions.

Prepare for Treatment

Patients who choose oral conscious sedation may be prescribed a pill to take the night before to help ease anxiety and get a good night's rest. Patients will also need to take the oral conscious pill an hour before their appointment so that the effects have time to set in. Patients undergoing nitrous oxide can show up to their appointment without any prep-work, as sedation is provided at the beginning of the procedure. The doctor will also administer the local anesthetic at this time.

Relax During Your Appointment

By the time your dentist begins treatment, the calming effects of oral conscious sedation should have set in. The dentist will place your nitrous oxide mask over the nose at the beginning of your appointment. Once the effects of the laughing gas or pill take place, lay back and relax as our doctors gently work on your smile.

Follow Aftercare Tips

Oral conscious sedation requires you to have a ride to bring you home after your appointment. Nitrous oxide allows you to safely drive yourself home only 15 minutes after the mask is removed. Both forms of sedation require little downtime. Once the effects have worn off, patients can return to work and other daily activities.

Do I Qualify for Sedation Dentistry?

Anyone can request dental sedation. If you feel nervous about your upcoming dental appointment, consider easing that anxiety with our sedation methods. Before your dental appointment, the dentist will review your medical history to see if you qualify for treatment.
To undergo sedation, you must be in good health, not be pregnant, and have no history of bad reactions to the intended sedative
Our dentists monitor your condition throughout sedation treatment and can stop the flow of laughing gas if necessary.

See If Dental Sedation is Right for You Request a Consultation

Whether you have a dental phobia or just need help relaxing in the dentist's chair, sedation dentistry can help ease the process of receiving dental care. Our offices in Fort Wayne, IN, offer sedation options that provide an overall comfortable experience for our patients. What's more, Harrison Dental Group focuses on creating an inviting, soothing environment. We use high-quality tools and techniques to deliver an outstanding experience for every patient.

Rather than avoid necessary dental treatment, enjoy it with dental sedation. Join us in the office to see if you qualify for sedation dentistry and learn what option is right for your needs. Contact us or call:


Front of the Harrison Dental Group office
The team at Harrison Dental Group can help you determine if sedation is right for you and what option suits your needs best.

"Everyone at this office is so friendly!"


Lindsey Bishop


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Everyone at this office is so friendly! Karen is amazing with my cleanings every 6 months. I look forward to my visits to Harrison!!

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Justin Chambers


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Non-judgmental and understanding. Very friendly and professional. I came in for an emergency and am new to the area, took care of me and answered all my questions. Gave me all my options with no pressure. Both the dentist and all the staff are excellent.

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Sedation vs. Anesthesia

These two words are often mistaken for one another. However, they differ in many ways.

Level of Consciousness

The main difference between sedation and anesthesia lies in the patient's level of consciousness. With sedation methods, the patient is conscious and able to respond to the dentist during the entire process, though they may not remember the details of the procedure afterwards. With general anesthesia, the patient is completely unconscious.

Faster Recovery

Our sedation methods allow for a faster recovery than general anesthesia. Patients who undergo general anesthesia are advised to take the day off work. With our sedation methods, you can return to work within a few hours after your appointment or even right away, depending on if you had nitrous oxide or oral conscious sedation.

Less Medical Qualifiers

Our Fort Wayne dentists will ensure that you qualify for sedation before treatment. They will monitor your health and level of sedation throughout the dental procedure. Candidates that may not qualify for general anesthesia, which requires a higher level of medical attention and specialist care, may find that they qualify for sedation.

Fewer Negative Symptoms

After sedation treatment, you may feel a bit drowsy and possibly dizzy. However, nausea, fever, and other adverse side effects that often result from general anesthesia are not usually present in patients after sedation treatment.

How Much Does Treatment Cost?

Harrison Dental Group strives to make high-quality dental care affordable to a wide range of budgets. That's why our Fort Wayne, IN, offices offer several financing solutions to manage the cost of treatment:


Our office accepts various insurance plans. Your insurance may cover sedation dentistry for specific procedures but likely not for general dental appointments.


If you don't have insurance, or if your insurance doesn't cover sedation dentistry, we offer financing through CareCredit®. CareCredit allows you to pay off your treatment in monthly payments.

Treatment Plan

Our dentists will never try to upsell you on treatments you don't need. We can create a custom plan that covers the treatment you need without pushing your budget limits.

Credit Cards

Our Fort Wayne, IN, offices also accept Citi Health financing credit cards. Citi Health cards are another simple way to get affordable healthcare when you need it.

To discuss treatment costs, contact us or call our office at:

(260) 747-4747

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Kirk Lyons


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Staff is professionally courteous, but also caring about their patients. Dr. Mary Ellen Argus and her assistants do all they can to assure a patient's comfort and satisfaction. (Cheryl)

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Went to see Dr. Argus a couple of weeks ago for the first time- needed to switch due to insurance. I hate going to the dentist, but she and her staff were great- made me feel comfortable and did a nice job with cleaning. Waiting room had several other patients who looked satisfied. Hours are very convenient for my 8-5 schedule. Plan to return.

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