Teeth Whitening

Does smiling for a photo make you uncomfortable due to stained or yellowed teeth? We have a high-tech solution.

Teeth whitening treatment from Harrison Dental Group in Fort Wayne, IN, can brighten enamel, dissolve stains, and make your smile dazzling.

Learn about the advanced bleaching treatment our dentists can provide to whiten your teeth safely and comfortably.

What About Store-Bought Whitening Products?

Professional whitening treatments provided by our dentists are faster, safer, and more effective than store-bought whitening gels, toothpastes, and strips. Here are three big reasons why:

Stronger Bleaching Power

Tired of expecting a complete transformation, only to see lackluster results? Store-bought whitening products like toothpaste or gels aren't nearly as strong as the safe, advanced bleaching solution our dentistry practice provides.


Faster Results

Over-the-counter pens and gels can take a very long time before achieving anything close to the changes you want. Our Opalescence™ Go whitening trays can brighten your teeth in around five to ten days.


Safer, More Effective Care

We are careful to ensure that you're a good candidate for whitening before beginning. Our skilled dentists will also determine the best strength of your bleaching solution, with two options available to achieve your goals safely and quickly.

At-Home Whitening Done Professionally

Woman putting a clear aligner over her teeth

Unveil a Brighter, Whiter Smile with Our At-Home Teeth Whitening Kit

At our Fort Wayne-area offices, we use Opalescence Go take-home whitening kits to dramatically whiten tooth stains. This professional bleaching solution penetrates tooth enamel to safely break up dental stains.

It can lighten enamel changes caused by smoking, drinks like red wine, and even certain kinds of medicines. It's also directed by dentists for your peace of mind.

We Truly Care About Our Patients


Tom Stricker

Maplecrest Rd Fort Wayne, IN


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Best dentist I have ever had by far. I highly recommend Harrison Dental on Maplecrest Rd. The whole staff is awesome and they do great work!!!!

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Paje Patten

Fort Wayne, IN


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Harrison Dental really cares what's best for the patient and that is what sells me. They are caring and great at what they do. Thank you to Maria and Dr. Harrison today. You both were great.

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Tired of a Dull Smile? Brighten It Up with Teeth Whitening

Even if you have perfectly straight teeth, stains can detract from your beautiful smile. While whitening gels, pens, and toothpastes may seem like the easiest solution, you can now enjoy convenient care directly from your dentist.

Want a brighter smile without all the hassle? At Harrison Dental Group in Fort Wayne, IN, our dentists proudly offer the easy-to-use Opalescence Go whitening system. Contact our patient-focused dentistry practice to learn more, or call us at


Meet the Team That Can Boost Your Confidence

Convenient care customized just for you — that's what you'll find at Harrison Dental Group. Our goal is to focus on what you need, including treating any conditions that will improve your candidacy for whitening. We can also continue to help you with cleanings, cosmetic dentistry, and restorative treatments, giving you a Fort Wayne team you can rely on for all your dental needs.

Our Considerate Approach Sets Us Apart

"One of the biggest things that we focus here on in the Harrison Dental Group is the patient. We're not trying to get the patient in and out. We're trying to listen to what the patient needs. We try to help them get what they're looking for." Dr. Waseem M. Taraji

Why Choose Us for Teeth Whitening?

Our Top-Tier Team

Harrison Dental Group is well-known in the Fort Wayne area for the superior dental care and customer service our dentists and staff provide.

Our Convenient Locations

We have four high-tech yet home-like offices for you to choose from in Fort Wayne. Each features the latest technology in dentistry.

Free Second Opinions

Not satisfied with your current dentist's whitening suggestions? Our honest and transparent team can give you a free second opinion.

Worried About Teeth Whitening Costs? We Accept Financing

Insurance does not cover teeth whitening. Fortunately, we accept payment through trusted lenders like CareCredit® and Citi Health Card. They break the costs into low-interest monthly payments that fit comfortably within your budget.

Reviews as Dazzling as Our Patients' Smiles



Fort Wayne, IN


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Harrison Dental Group is an awesome practice. Dr. Keith Harrison is patient, kind and highly skilled. I received excellent customer service from the front desk worker Eve to the dental techs. I highly recommend this practice because they are so professional and caring.

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Jenny Eicher

Coldwater Rd Fort Wayne, IN


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An amazing place! I use to hate the dentist and they made my experience so much better! Kid friendly, and fast service! They care about thier patients!

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What Will the Teeth Whitening Process Look Like?

We pair the convenience of take-home whitening with the dependability of in-office care by featuring dentist-directed kits that you wear at home.
We pair the convenience of take-home whitening with the dependability of in-office care by featuring dentist-directed kits that you wear at home.

Whitening Consultation

Patients can pick any one of our four Fort Wayne, IN, locations for their in-office consultation. There, your dentist will examine your smile, assess your oral health, and determine your candidacy. If it's a good fit, we can move forward.

Dentist Instructions

One big advantage of choosing a dentist for your at-home whitening is the supervision. Our dentists will clearly instruct you on how to wear your Opalescence Go trays before you take them home.

Preparing Your Trays

When it's time to whiten, you'll insert no-prep whitening trays — one over your top teeth and one over your bottom teeth. They each contain two components: an interior tray with bleaching gel and an exterior tray. Once you've secured them in place as directed by the instructions, you can take off the exterior trays. Don't forget to store your trays in the refrigerator.

Wearing Your Trays

The amount of time you wear your whitening trays will depend on the concentration of your solution. It can range from 15 to 60 minutes. Make sure to follow the instructions exactly, including finishing the treatment by brushing your teeth and gums.


After around five to ten days, you'll be done with treatment. All you have to do now is enjoy your bright, beautiful smile.
Harrison Dental Group

Harrison Dental Group

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